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Gesamtübersicht der Produktkategorien

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EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH
Antonius-Raab-Str. 19
34123 Kassel, Deutschland

Telefon: +49-561 95 91-0
Fax: +49-561 95 91-1 98


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EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH

The EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH is a highly innovative company with a tradition. For more than half a century, our experience and our quality products have been helping people all over the world to transport and handle small goods. In close cooperation with our customers, our engineers develop professional products for industrial and commercial use, which are then manufactured responsibly with close attention to detail. In addition, we provide service concepts for the lasting value preservation of EXPRESSO products. Hereby, our manual transport equipment and the powered goods handling systems not only result in higher efficiency, but also make a decisive contribution for maintaining the health of working personnel. It is our philosophy at EXPRESSO always to place human requirements in the forefront.